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July 21, 2014




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Jan. 9, 2009

We have put in place a program with the best qualified magnetic designers and production specialist in our industry. We have set this program up for the  sole purpose of providing magnetic component design and production of the very best quality and with the quickest lead time. It is a industry standard that many of the designs for magnetics components take weeks and months to complete to proto-type and production. We have set for ourselves the goal of days and weeks.

This can be accomplished with a quick design and design review followed by quick turn manufacturing. Our design group and production specialist have the experience, component knowledge and access to the best suppliers in our industry. With this dedicated  approach we can meet your needs for "Quick Designs and Production" of transformer and inductor. Go to our “Get Started” page and give us some information on your requirements both technically and delivery needs and some will call you within the hour.

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