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Jan. 9, 2009

Q. Can I use e-mail as well as chat for regular contacts?
A. We will use chat, Phone or e-mail to keep you informed

Q. Do I have to interface with the any other than the Project Manager?
A. Your Project Manager will be the key contact and you will not have to interface with other designers.

Q . How do your pricing compare to standard production houses?
A. Depending on the quantity and the required delivery the pricing will be the same or can be 5x the pricing for small       quantities and 3 day lead time
Q. How do you normally handle shipping?
A. We ship UPS, FedEx and DHL  Next Day because we can follow shipments at any time.

Q. How can you deliver magnetics components with such a quick lead time?
A. We do much of the scheduling, component selection and design in parallel. See our flow sheet on our “Quick” page.

Q. What type of documentation do you supply with the magnetic device?
A. We will supply a Specification Data Sheet and a Test Data Report.


Quick Delivery of Magnetic Products

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