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Aug 21, 2017




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Jan. 9, 2009

Within our design and manufacturing staff we have specialist in ... Power, Communications and RF magnetic designs ... Product_Introduction

Your Project specialist will work with you from the beginning of your project until  delivery of you magnetic component. You can work with your designer by e-mail,  phone or chat.

Our project specialist have worked on magnetic designs for large and small company, designing  and manufacturing magnetic components for many industries.  Our “key” is  the “quick”  design and delivery of prototypes, small and medium production quantity magnetics.

Our lead designers have an extensive experience working with U.S. based designs requirement as well and international requirements ... “delivering components in days ... not weeks or months”.


Dedicated Project Managers - Your QuickMagnetics Team will walk you through the process from Design to placing your order online ... to ensuring your parts are delivered on time and meet your requirements.



"Quick Designs and Production" of transformer and inductor. Magnetic Components

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