Updated:  March 22, 2020


Quick Magnetics is a privately held transformer manufacturing company dedicated to providing our customers with an online e-commerce system to procure low and medium volume magnetic products

Quick Magnetics provides custom design and manufacturing services for engineers working on programs that demand fast but accurate magnetic designs and can deliver prototypes in a quick manner.


Custom Magnetics... Design and Manufacturing

Quick Magnetics designs and manufactures magnetic parts, from rapid prototyping to production. With our QuickDesign, product designers can get quick price quotes and buy custom magnetic parts online.

Quick Magnetics is a reliable source for your Transformers, Inductors, Toroids, SMD magnetics, Switchmode and Power Magnetics requirements.

By automating our quoting process, we have eliminated some of the overhead needed to manually quote and manufacture  transformer and coil products. Your project manager will be in regular contact with you, manages the progress of your project from beginning to end and makes certain that your product arrives and meets all of your requirements.

If you have a project that needs immediate attention, talk to one of our project engineers today we support downhole transformer designs with units that operate in extreme environments up to 300 degree C . We provide custom magnetics to the oil and gas, aerospace, biomedical, data processing, industrial control, military, communications and geophysical Industries

"Quick Designs and Prototype Production" of transformer and inductor.

Or ... go to our “Get Started” page and give us some information on your requirements both technically and delivery needs and someone will call you within the hour.

We have Offices and Facilities in Alabama, India and China  

A quality manufacture of Transformers, Coils, Chokes and Inductors.


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Quick Magnetics Inc.

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